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Echoes From the Isles of the Bahamas

This book is written in the hope that others will benefits and be inspired from these poems and light verses, which were birthed out of my personal life experiences.

I was married at the age of 18 and I expected my life to be like a fairy tale… and they lived happily ever after….

I was on only child born to a single mother who also had a failed marriage. Nevertheless, she wanted the best for her daughter and worked many long hours doing manual labour on a Lumber Farm in North Andros (known then as BLC) to ensure that I recieved a better life than the one she had. My mother was a Christian woman who always wanted me to be a Christian.

At age 13, I gave my heart to the Lord. At the age of 14, I was sent to a Bible School. This School was located in the area of the settlement of Mastic Point, Andros. This Bible School was the dream child of Evangelist Don Powell, an American minister who felt the Lord had a call on his life to be an evangelist in the Bahamas. The area was training ground for young people. I spent several years there and later moved back to the Lumber Farm. I had made plans to attend college elsewhere, however, my plans changed and instead, I got married and had four beautiful children, two boys and two girls.

At first, most of these poems were written as a source of inspiration for me. Others were written about life on the Family Islands and everyday things. Now I wish to share them with you. Please be reminded that the majority of these poems were also written while I was still in a back-slidden condition.


Cynthia H. Ferguson Fowler

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