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Backyard Gardening in the Bahamas and The Caribbean


This book is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Elizabeth, who always kept a field while residing in North Andros. In her field was a number of popular produce basically used by the Bahamas households. I did not fully appreciate it then because it was popular for families to have their own fields, no matter how small.

Since age twelve, while observing my mom in the field, I always found pleasure digging in the soil; planting it and watching up every morning to check for the first sign of a shoot or sprout that peeped up from the ground.

Presently, food items such as onions, tomatoes, thyme, pigeon peas, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains, lemons, limes, oranges, sweet peppers (bell peppers), corn, broccoli, bananas, cantaloupes, and watermelon are still in great demand by the Bahamian consumer.

Instead of spending money at the grocery store or vegetable stand, consider growing your own fresh vegetables. Do your part in growing some of your own foods.

Yes, you may encounter some gardening callenges, but do not throw your hands up and quit. Just remain patient and follow the simple steps in “Backyard Gardening in The Bahamas and Caribbean” and you will soon be on your way to reaping a bountiful, healthy harvest.


Cynthia H. Ferguson Fowler